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2021 Student Award Winners

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Biochemistry, Biophysics, & Biotechnology

  • Designing an MTR4 Knockdown System to Investigate the Impact of lncRNA Accumulation on Differentiation Phenotype. Udupa, Aditya; Vlasov, Pavel & Manley, James. Columbia University.
  • Development inhibitors of Kinases via the synthesis of oxazepane compounds. Cui, Chang & Choi, Junyong. Queens College, CUNY



  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell Paracrine-Mediated Repair in Diabetic Kidney Disease. (Stevic, Una; Gowan, Cody C.; Smith, Anastasia L.; Snow, Zachary K.; Summers, Jonathan C.; Conley, Sabena M.; Hickson, LaTonya J. & Nolan, Kathleen). St. Francis College.
  • An Analysis of Multiple Factors on Stress in the United States. (Caparelli, Alexander; Chase, Owen; Fiamoncini, Maura; McMenamin, Connor; Prince, Ivy & Monaco, Pamela). Bucknell University.
  • CHANGES IN BREAST CANCER CARE IN NEW YORK DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. (Rosado, Cheyenne; Fiederlein, Alexandra & Cutter, Noelle). Molloy College.


Developmental Biology and Genetics

  • Influence of fungicide and nematicide on plant responses to drought and rainfall variability. Serrano Perez, Madaris; Jones, Jennifer & Evans, Sarah. Michigan State University, University of Puerto Rico.
  • Effects of anthropogenic noise on the vocal behavior of Song Sparrows (Melospiza melodia). Annon, Oshane; Nunez, Xiomara & Wydner, Katherine. Saint Peter's University.
  • RNA Therapeutics for Brain Tumors: Targeting Pre-mRNA Splicing Motifs to Generate Therapeutic Gene Isoforms. (Hintelmann, Thomas; Sine, Laura; DeMarco, Victoria; Reardon, Sean & Hicks, Martin). Monmouth University.


Environmental Biology and Ecology

  • Zooplankton Biodiversity and Decapod Larvae Density in the Lower Hackensack River. Nguyen, Huy & Fitzgerald, Allison. New Jersey City University.
  • Does Flower Color Attract Native Bees? Jimenez, Bianca; Dr. Eiden and Dr. Bukofser. Mercy College.


Microbiology and Immunology

  • To Determine How Oomycete Pathogens Interfere with Host Plant Defenses. McKenzie-Laury, Alexandrya; Bradley-Ortiz, Rashia & Devdutta, Deb. Mercy College.
  • The Synergistic Antibacterial Effect of Patchouli with Antibiotics on Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, and Staphylococcus spp. Minnies, Jake; Postaski, Ashley; Saverimuttu, Augusta & Chu, Tinchun. Seton Hall University.


Physiology and Neuroscience

  • Investigating Effects of GABARAP and Induced Autophagy on GABA Receptor ɣ2 Expression in HEK 293 Cells. Motan, Nihal; Ozkaya, Kudret; Gill, Karanvir; Kanaan Omar & Carroll, Reed. New Jersey City University.
  • The Effect of Intergroup Interaction on Flexible Thinking and Behavioral Displays. Anderson, Kayla; Briones, Nadia; Matamoros, Rosa; Perez, Vanessa & Kostel-Hughes, Faith. Westchester Community College.
  • Acorn Barnacles (Semibalanus balanoides) Density on Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus polyphemus) Carapace in Correlation with Carapace Condition in Jamaica Bay, New York. Jean Baptiste, Shiva; Colon, Christina & Hsiang, Chih Fu. Kingsborough Community College.
  • Inositol Hexakisphosphate Kinase1 (IP6K1) is a Potential Target in Treating Insulin Resistance. Piechowska, Sabina; Wanderley, Mayra & Ghoshal, Sarbani. Queensborough Community College, CUNY.